WRAP Report

By Carol  Christian

First off, let me thank all you loyal Walpole readers for the astounding amount of recycling that you achieved in the past year.
I”ve already mentioned the award we were given at the NRRA Convention.  But those numbers are so good that  I wanted
to remind you of how very good you are!  You recycled 6,880 lbs. of Aluminum cans; over 454 tons of paper; more than 16 tons
of assorted plastics; and almost 34 ton of scrap metal. Also you have delighted all the volunteers by remembering  that plastic
caps are to be removed from all recycled containers [except those on oil cans}. Take a bow1

Having said that, there is one item with which we are now being overwhelmed at the Center: Plastic Grocery Bags. We are
drowning in them!. Please! Give them back to your grocery store. Most stores have a marked bin, and will recycle those bags.
Better yet, reuse them yourself. They’re usually good for at least one more round at the store.

By now you must have heard about the Center’s new website. But if, by some fluke, you missed it, let me hasten to offer its
address – walpolerecycling.com.  Please notice there are no capital letters and nothing fancy. {We are a straight-out group
at the Center.} This excellent resource will be most helpful if you have any doubts about what is acceptable, how to prepare
it and all those fine details. Best of all, this is also the place to sign up as a volunteer.

Speaking of volunteering, please note that the ever-popular “Re-Use Trailer” will be re-opening in mid-April and volunteers
are also needed there. That “duty” is lots of fun, for you are the first see all the goodies that are contributed, so you get
“first dibsies.” If you have questions, or want to talk to a real human being, call Mike Nerrie at 756-4179 to volunteer.

Here’s yet another opportunity to volunteer this spring: Fritze Till has designed what promises to be a lovely Memorial
Garden honoring our “founding Father,” and long-time volunteer, George Watkins. The huge rock already in place was
a gift of Cold River Materials and is to represent Rice Mountain. Why? Because the park faces onto our fire lake  and
the view is  of Rice Mountain. What will be needed come spring are a few capable hands to help with planting of the
the small trees and bushes that will form a buffer from the necessary noise and dust of the recycling site. This will be
important and very rewarding work. If you can help, please call Fritze at 445-5283, or sign up on the website.