WRAP Report

Here is Dodie’s WRAP report:

Did you ever think of the Walpole Recycling Center as the first steps in the reincarnation of many tons of Walpole’s waste? What we produce is the material  manufacturers  use to make new products. One of the problems we face is educating people about the proper way to prepare recyclables for recycling. There is a right way and a wrong way. The right way results in that material continuing it’s journey to becoming a new product, the wrong way is a one way ticket to a landfill or incinerator thus increasing our costs.  The volunteers that work the sorting bins handle hundreds of bottles, jars and cans that come to the Center each day. A split second judgement is made – is  this  container suitable to become the material for a new product? If the container is clean, bingo!  If the jars of spaghetti, mayonnaise and peanut butter or cans of dog or cat food still contain residue, the answer is no. It’s that simple. If you take the trouble to recycle in the first place, always rinse before you bring them to the Center. Remember the three”R’s” of recycling. REMOVE caps and lids, RINSE containers and RECYCLE clean, cap free containers.