WRAP Report

Charlie Blount sends this along:


Walpole Recycling Action Project

A big event this month (actually it’s likely still in progress as you read this) is the relocation of the glass crusher out at YOUR Recycle Center (yours, mine, Walpole’s). A glass crusher really is a necessity for us since there is no market in the recycle world for glass bottles and glass jars, but we CAN and DO sell crushed glass. Recall please, that we can recycle only those things for which there is a “market.” Recyclables are products and materials which someone is willing to buy from us in order to put to a new (and often, different) use. If nobody is willing to buy something from us, it necessarily has to go into the landfill (bad for you, for me, for the planet Earth).

That glass crusher however, is a big, noisy beast; it makes such a racket that it is disturbing to the people (you and me) who bring their recyclables to the center. And if you think it’s disturbing to us, imagine how it is for the volunteers who operate that thing! It surely would be pleasant were that thing located where it doesn’t make any noise.

We citizens of Walpole at the recent Town Meeting approved an article to provide funding to relocate the “business end” of that loud beast outside, in an enclosure on the back side of the building. This leaves the “input” end (the QUIET end), where the volunteers work, inside the building, but at its back side. Now with the elimination of all this noise, the Center should be a more attractive place for recyclers, AND a more attractive place for volunteers like me – and you too, hopefully!

We (you and me) can dispose of Hazardous Household Wastes at the Keene Transfer Station on June8th, 12th, and 22nd between 10:00 AM and 1:00 PM. For more information on this (for example, I need to look to see what qualifies as a Hazardous Household Waste) go to the Recycling Center’s website (WalpoleRecycling.com).

When you’re next out at the Recycle Center, take a look, over by the pond, at the George Watkins memorial park. Fritze Till and some of her friends and fellow volunteers planted nearly 20 trees and shrubs around a huge rock provided by Cold River Materials folks. Now fitted out with wood chips and mulch, that little rest area has become a really pleasant and relaxing place. Now this may seem silly to ask, but the next time you come to recycle, bring a dandelion digger. Those big, yellow pests have infiltrated that beautiful resting spot! Please help us reduce their population!

As summer comes and people leave town to visit relatives, we always need more volunteers. I have exacted a solemn promise from Paul Colburn that when you come by to speak about volunteering, he’ll personally show you what volunteers actually do, how this operation actually works, AND he’ll provide you with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Such a deal! Volunteering is fun, and it is good for you, for our town, and for planet Earth!

First Annual Walpole Clean Up Day A Huge Success!

A somewhat tardy (my bad) report from Tara on April 20th’s, First Annual Walpole Clean Up Day!

recycling crew in front of truck loaded with picked-up trash

Over 60 volunteers, 200 bags of trash and recyclables, 183 lbs of mixed metals, 33 tires and 1 complete toilet = a hugely successful First Annual Walpole Clean Up Day!  In just three short hours, our army of volunteers scoured the highways and byways of Walpole, North Walpole and Drewsville, searching for – and finding – the detritus of fast food meals, after work refreshments and cigarette breaks that had been tossed from the windows of passing vehicles.  Our great staff did yeoman’s work in trucking most of the collection to the transfer station (see photo) and separating and sorting it once there.  If you missed it, you can join us next year, Saturday, April 19, 2014, for our Second Annual Walpole Clean Up Day!  Thank you to all who helped make our Earth Day celebration a great one.