WRAP Report

By Carol Christian

“So, what’s new  and exciting?” There’s almost  always an answer for that question out at the Walpole Recycling Center and,
sure enough, this time when I asked Paul Colburn  “what’s new?” he told me about a new development in the “Gable Top”
paper carton world.

“What  in the world is that?” you may well ask. You do know them—-they’re like those milk cartons that have a pointy top that
can be pushed open and out  to form a pouring spout. Old hat, so far. What’s new is that instead of being impregnated with
wax or other unacceptable matter, this new paper carton is covered with a “poly-coating” that can be rinsed off.  All one has
to do, to make the carton acceptable for the “Mixed Paper” Bin, is  to rinse it off, remove the red cap, and fold the carton flat.
Paul says these cartons are versatile and can be found at your grocery carrying such diverse goodies as orange juice and
“Fish” crackers. [What won’t they think of next?]

What else  is new at the Center is the completion of the new addition for our noisy glass crusher. The building is already up
and painted, and there remains only the mounting of the door and completion of the necessary wiring before we can move
the crusher into place.

There are some wonderful folks who should be thanked for their contributions to this project. LaValley Building Supply
donated  the necessary insulation to hush the noises. And Matt’s Drywall & Painting donated  and installed the sheetrock,
and painted  the building. Proof-positive of the  the fact that there are still nice people everywhere!

Speaking of”nice people”, I’d  like to put a plug in for our own folks out at the Recycling Center. For many years I was
involved in the Walpole Town Library’s annual “Book Sale. And for all those years, and continuing even today, the
Center has given us hundreds of Banana Boxes into which we sort the books. Pallets full of boxes are specially
delivered to wherever we are working, whenever we need them. Moreover, these same nice men will take all the
empty boxes away at the close of every sale! Now that;s what  I call “nice.”

And here’s another example of their “niceness.” The students at the Walpole Village School asked the Center to save
incoming one-gallon plastic milk containers so that the kids could use them to create “igloos,” and to save 2-liter
containers to be made into “penguins.” It seems that  they are planning a celebratory parade. Watch for it. That’s
going to be one wonderful parade, whenever it comes.

Meanwhile, keep on keeping on recycling  and don’t miss the handsome “George Watkins Memorial Garden” that is
taking shape next to the fire pond on your way out. Every week it gets lovelier. And it is the result of the “niceness”
of Fritze Till and our wonderful volunteers.