WRAP Report

Before I get to the WRAP report, I’ll just let you know that a couple photos of the George Watkins Memorial Garden have been posted here, and the August volunteer schedule is posted here. (Those alarming teal blanks are holes in the schedule where we need YOU to volunteer!)

Now on to Dodie Ransom’s WRAP report:

We are coming “hat in hand’  to ask for more volunteers at the recycling center. Since we began n 1988, some of our
longtime pals have “passed on’ , some have health problems and others have moved. Our present volunteers  are
the best in community service, not only in preserving our mantra “Reduce,  Reuse, Recycle” _ but in saving the town
money. I would guess it would require two more full -time employees to cover the work the volunteers do on the four
two-hour shifts on Tuesdays,Thursday and Saturdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.. To our knowledge, we are the ONLY
volunteer -driven  recycling /transfer  center in the state and based on the tonnage of recyclables shipped every
year we are doing a super job.
To show the diversity of our unique  volunteer program, we offer a sampling of occupations, past and present.
These people are your friends and neighbors and of course they are “good looking and above average”.
Salesman, two carpenters,craftsman, county commissioner,  machine operator, accountant, production/
planning & scheduling manager, two telephone company employees, two computer programmers, special
education teacher, language teacher, civil rights lawyer for the Fed. Gov.,hospital maintenance supervisor,
two engineers, veterinarian, social studies and geography teacher, employee of the U.N. Assn.&CBS systems
manager, environmental educator, former “Miss Betty  Crocker”& estate caretaker,art educator & musician,
nuclear  sub. commander & university professor, four homemakers, teachers aide,  Dir. of  the int’l. org. of
Engineers, school administrator, parents with their teenagers  and last but  certainly not  least, Maggie Kyle
who works, volunteers with her husband AND makes the phone calls and sends us the  schedule.
This  wonderful group may sound adequate, but  unexpected happenings in all of our lives leave us with holes
in our schedule. That is why we are asking for your help,  We would  be most thankful if you could give us two
hours a month to help us out. You pick the date and time, have a chance of a free lunch at Burdick’s,  Murray’s
or the Tavern and have the opportunity to work with real nice people with a purpose. So. next time you recycle,
check it out , talk to Paul Colburn or one of the volunteers with any  questions and hopefully sign up. Trust me,
you won’t be sorry. We have some good laugh’s up there!