WRAP Report

Carolyn Norback sent along this WRAP report:

Kudos to the staff and volunteers at our recycling center for working through and surviving the Polar Vortex x 2. I hope we have seen the last of that phenomena.  December and January were not the easiest months to get through, even though there is heat in the center, made possible by reusing oil brought to the center. (P.S. the only expense regarding heat is a $70.00/year electric bill). I had a very interesting and pleasant conversation with Paul Colburn in preparing this update. For the upcoming new year, Paul tells me the budget has been prepared for town meeting, there will be no new articles put forth. While maintaining the status quo, he is always on the lookout for new products to recycle and buyers for them.  Outlets for our recycled products are both local and world wide. Check out the Walpole Recycling Website at walpolerecycling.com. The website is a treasure trove of pertinent information. If you have a question about what can or cannot be recycled, it’s on the website, if you have a question about volunteering, the schedule is on the website, want to know when the Reuse Center is open, that’s on the website too, and so much more. Thanks to Jill Robinson who does a great job of posting new information and maintaining the website.

Gentle reminders, only plastic with a 1 or 2  code can be recycled. Please follow signs on the recycle bins, this is very important as contamination of product is always a concern. Bottle caps go in your Walpole bag.  Traffic control; if you are only dumping trash in Walpole Bags, stay on your left, if you only want to access the recycle bins, stay on your right; if you want both you must choose where you want to start (left) and then drive all the way around to your next stop on the right; if you start (right) then drive all the way around to your next stop on left. Please do not drive diagonally across from trash to bins and be aware while you’re at the recycling center, you are in a traffic situation, just like on any road or highway. As always volunteers are very welcome. Again, thank you to all the volunteers and staff at the recycling center for keeping it the best there is.

Carolyn Norback