Wrap Report For May

Charles Blount sends this along:

At the top of the recycling news this time is the Grand Re-Opening of Walpole’s Re-Use Center. The Re-Use Center is that blue trailer on the right as you come into the Recycling Center. It has to be shut down each winter since it is unheated – but now, The Grand Re-opening! We all know about the Recycling Center but, you ask, why do we need a Re-Use Center too?

There are things around home that you no longer use. You hate to take that sort of thing to be just “disposed of,” after all, some of the things that you no longer use are quite valuable. What about Anna’s cuddly doll; it’s perfectly good still but Anna left for college two years ago. Same thing for Christopher’s little red wagon; he’s driving a Chevrolet now and besides, at 250 lbs, he won’t fit in the wagon any more! What about pots and pans, dishes, serving trays, good books and DVDs? If Dad brought a fancy new mixer home for you, what would you do with the one you’ve been using for years? You can’t really use these things any more, but perhaps someone else in our town really COULD use them.

Consider a young family that was burned out of their home this past week. They have a sudden, urgent need for a cuddly doll, a little red wagon, and a set of dishes. What happens when your kid breaks a leg; you have a sudden need for a set of crutches. Now, I don’t know how much a set of crutches costs, but when Paul gave me a tour of the Re-Use Center last week, there, in the back room, were several sets of crutches.

So, if you need these crutches what do they cost you? What about Anna’s cuddly doll, or Chris’s little red wagon? For some, less expensive items like these, the only cost to you is a reasonable donation to the local Food Shelf – in an amount that you can afford and that you are comfortable with. For more expensive stuff, like Chris’s stereo set he couldn’t take to college, or grandma’s old jewelry, it is sort of like a tag sale. The cost to you for these more expensive items, while still really small, helps to fund our local Food Shelf. With the number of our neighbors unemployed or employed only part time, the Food Shelf needs all the help we can give it. House fires, divorces, sudden unemployment, unexpected relocation and all sorts of other family events (including broken legs) come up, resulting in a need for cuddly dolls, red wagons, a set of dishes or crutches. The Re-Use Center is there for you – take advantage of it! Take a look through it to see what is there for you. You see, this is what your Re-Use Center is for; meanwhile, it helps US to support our Food Shelf, something we really need just now.

So, what do we citizens (taxpayers) have to do to have our Re-Use Center? We have to volunteer; not all of us of course, but enough to man the Re-Use Center every Thursday and Saturday from 8 AM to 4 PM. The same thing goes for the Recycle Center, too (but it’s open three days: Tues, Thurs and Sat). We had two more volunteers start at the Recycle Center last month but we surely could use another three or four. And of course, now with the Re-Use Center Re-Opening, they will be needing some more volunteers as well. It’s just two hours per month; yes, per MONTH (not per week, or per day!). We who volunteer are “Paying it Ahead” for our home town, and we would like to have you join us; help enable us to make our Recycle Center and Re-Use Center serve all who live in our town.

Here’s an ITEM for you: A Thank You to all who brought their used motor oil in to the Recycle Center this past winter. Your Recycle Center did not have to spend a single DIME to heat the center – used motor oil did it ALL. One Tuesday morning in January it was 9 degrees BELOW zero outside; it was just fine inside the center. I know; it was my volunteer day. Paul sends a Big Thank You. We volunteers send a Big Thank you, too!