WRAP Report for September 2014

This in from Charles Blount:

One of the really wonderful things about living in Walpole is the willingness of the people to share their resources, time and talent for the benefit of their neighbors and their town. Actually, the same could likely be said about many of the small towns in New Hampshire and Vermont.

Consider for example, the Bandstand on the Town Green; a gift to the town in memory of Judy Bailey. Consider the beautiful new ball fields up on the North Meadow and the Veterans Memorial on the Green. These are among the THOUSANDS of gifts our town has received over the years. Consider the refurbishment of the flagpole and its huge golden eagle up on top (gifts of time and talent); these too are gifts to the town, for all of us to enjoy.

Consider those who serve on the School Board, the Planning Board, the Library Committee and the Recreation Committee (among others). These people also give a gift to our town – a gift of their time and talent. They don’t undertake these assignments in order to get rich, or to get even so much as a penny. Their gift of time and talent benefits all the people in our town, but most especially, our youngsters. Hundreds of volunteer hours go into the coaching of our Walpole girls and boys basketball teams, soccer, baseball and swimming teams. All these gifts make Walpole a wonderful place in which to live for all of us, for our children and, in due course, their children.

Volunteers are absolutely necessary for many of the functions and services available here in Walpole. We have a recycling program here that permits a family to dispose of their household trash at a cost of about $100 per year. Were they to opt for curbside pickup by a commercial firm it would likely set them back about $600 or $700 per year. Thanks to the Walpole Recycling program, this saving is available to ALL the families in our town. So how can Walpole afford to provide a service that would otherwise cost us at least six times as much? There are two factors: (1) Recycling, and (2) Volunteers.

Recycling means accepting newspapers, plastic, cans, cardboard and the like and SELLING it to firms that melt it down, shred it up, etc., making it into a resource resell-able as a raw material to businesses and industries. (Where do you suppose the Keene Sentinel gets the paper on which it prints the newspaper? And where do you think the plastic for those milk bottles on the grocer’s shelf comes from?)

Volunteers means that we (the town) could not afford to run a recycling center in which all of the work was done by paid employees. At that sort of labor cost it wouldn’t make any sense to operate a recycle center and we’d ALL have to pay that $600 – $700 per year!

All this really only addresses the cost and convenience issues but, for many of us, there is a larger issue: the environment and our planet. Every milk jug recycled is one milk jug that does NOT end up in a land fill where is does not (CANNOT) decompose.

In my view, we all have a responsibility to give back to our town; a responsibility – a DUTY. For those who can, there are projects that need to be funded (that lets ME out!). For those who can, there are refurbishment projects (like that big beautiful eagle on top of our flagpole) that require special talents (that lets ME out!) But for “regular” people like me, there are opportunities to volunteer at the Walpole Recycling Center (that I CAN do, and DO – two hours each month).

Just call Paul Colburn at 445-5197 and speak with him or one of his people – OR, JUST ASK ONE OF YOUR NEIGHBORS WHO ALREADY VOLUNTEERS at the Recycle Center. It’s your DUTY – OUR DUTY to give back to the town we love so much!

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