WRAP report for March 2015

Joe Beer sent along this WRAP Report

Peanuts Anyone?

If you’ve been wondering where you might find free packing peanuts or free bubble wrap, wonder no more. The Recycle Center, where else. Brown paper bags, plastic bags, random magazines and books are also available. Come in and browse around; you might even decide to signup as a volunteer. Volunteers are always welcome; and signing up would be a two for one: you’ll be doing a little bit of community service; plus, volunteering at the center saves us all some money.

If you don’t have time to donate, maybe you have food to donate? The Recycle Center has setup a box for donations of non-perishable food items for the Fall Mountain Food Shelf, which finds itself in a moment of need. A little help there would be most welcome; on your next trip to recycling, just inquire within as to where to leave your donation.

The Recycling Center’s budget will basically be the same as last year, though there will be a separate article on the town warrant requesting money to repair the burn pit. The pit is about 15 years old and in need of both reinforcing and repair. The article will request funds up to $10,000.

Next door to recycling, the ReUse It Center brought in $3,273 last year. That money comes in the form of donations as people take away items that they can re-use. All monies go to the Fall Mountain Food Shelf. The center is managed by Mike Nerrie; a considerable thank you to Mike and other volunteers.

You might have noticed a new face at the Recycle Center. Bob Martyr has joined the crew, in amove over from the town highway department. Bob and his wife recently moved from Arizona to NewHampshire. What would bring the two of them here? Beautiful downtown Walpole. No surprise there. And family that had previously moved to the area. Understandable. And the weather. Say What? They were plain old sick and tired of triple digit heat. No, that doesn’t sound pleasant at all. Besides, who can not love fluffy snow or the fresh chill of a still winter morning……………… though it’s possible that some of us could take a touch of April right now.