WRAP Report

Charles Blount sent along this WRAP report for September, 2015.


Walpole Recycling Action Project

Summer (and school vacations) are coming to an end. So are many of the activities that demand our time all summer long. We’re home from the beach, and back from that trip out to Minnesota to see Grandma.

It’s that time of year when we slow down to think about what we would like to do next. What can we do that would provide the greatest value for our family, our friends, and our town. Some of us are already helping the Friends of the Walpole Library sort through hundreds (perhaps thousands) of books in preparation for the annual book sale now scheduled for late October.

Others are helping to teach our Walpole grade-schoolers how to play soccer. Not too many years ago a six-year-old in our family was running up and down the school field wearing a red Walpole shirt.

There are other activities here in our town that are in need of our help and support. One that immediately comes to mind, is the Walpole Re-Use Center, located out on Route 123 (Whitcomb Road) on the way to Drewsville, on the grounds of the Walpole Recycling Center. That operation, run exclusively by volunteers, provides an exchange for the things you no longer need but are in good condition and can readily be Re-Used. There are events in our lives, and in the lives of our neighbors here in Walpole, in which sudden needs arise. You, or a friend, falls and breaks a hip – now you have a sudden need for a walker. You don’t happen to have one to use for yourself or to lend to a friend. So, where do you go to find one? The Re-Use Center, of course. The cost to you? An affordable donation to the Food Shelf. So you get the walker you really need while some family here in our town gets food that they really need.

Another “event:” You are just setting up housekeeping in your new apartment here in Walpole. You have a few pots and pans, plates, cups and enough silverware to meet your daily needs. Then you get a message from your sister, advising that she will be coming to spend a week with you in beautiful Walpole during Leaf Peeping Season. (This is not so far-fetched as you might think!) And she’ll be bringing her husband and twin baby boys. Now, you need the equipment to bed down and feed this outfit, including your brother-in-law who is the size of a Patriots Middle Linebacker! What do you do? Smile – a trip to the Re-Use Center and you’ll be OK!

The Re-Use Center is a SERVICE provided to us for free by our town. It costs the taxpayers nothing since it is managed and manned exclusively by VOLUNTEERS – NOT TOWN EMPLOYEES. So, the Re-Use Center really needs your help and support – they need you to volunteer so they can keep their door open! Volunteering to help at the Re-Use Center provides our town with a service that is important, not only to those who break a hip or have an unexpected house-full, but to the very fabric of our town.

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