WRAP Report, March 2016

The Compost Is Coming!
by Joe Beer

For those of you who are excited about compost, and who wouldn’t be, there are about 150 cubic yards of compost just about ready for sale. Once the weather begins to act like spring, the compost will need to be screened and then it will, indeed, be ready to go. A small pickup load will cost about $10.00 and a large pick load about $20.00. Naturally the price includes the loading. The sale of the compost is more of a community service than a money maker; the center needs only to recoup its expenses. Once the recycling center has sorted out its costs, the final prices for the compost will be set. Given past history, the entire allotment of compost will be sold out before too long, so keep an ear to the compost.

Also coming soon will be a sign diagramming the proper traffic pattern for dropping off yellow bags and recycling materials. Occasionally, even in the midst of traffic, a customer will pull a U-turn from the compactor over to the recycling bays. A bit of a head scratcher there, but it happens. An equally troublesome maneuver involves backing up across traffic from the compactor to the bays. One accident ensued from such risky driving and there are always a number of close calls with arch looks. Good thing road-rage hasn’t made it to the Recycling Center, yet. The recycling folks will be asking us, if there is any traffic, to take a spin around the island rather than to fight across traffic to get from the compactor to the bays or vice versus. Thank you for helping with this.

The new face at the Center belongs to Wayne Croteau, a Walpole resident. Wayne, who was hired about two months ago, has been a volunteer in the past and is quickly on his way in getting up to recycling speed. Say hi to Wayne.

On a final note, don’t be shy, readers. Come on down to the Recycling Center. We like nothing more than welcoming new volunteers. Most volunteers work a two hour shift at the recycling bays, but there are other community service opportunities available. You can stop in at the Center to inquire; or give a call: 445-5197; or send an email: transfer@myfairpoint.net; or visit the web site to get the scoop: https://walpolerecycling.com.


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