aluminum cans


Aluminum cans are mostly used for beverages like beer, juice or soda.

crossed out magnetIs it aluminum or tin? If a magnet sticks to the can, it is NOT aluminum.

To prepare aluminum for recycling, rinse clean and DO NOT CRUSH!

What is it? Wikipedia says:

An aluminum can, or can, is a container for packaging made primarily of aluminum (BrE aluminium) … Aluminum is less costly than tin-plated steel but offers the same resistance to corrosion in addition to greater malleability, resulting in ease of manufacture; this gave rise to the two-piece can, where all but the top of the can is simply stamped out of a single piece of aluminium, rather than laboriously constructed from two pieces of steel … Aluminum cans are often made with recycled aluminum; approximately 68% of a standard North American can is recycled aluminum.