WRAP report for June

Joe Beer sent along this WRAP report (last month, sorry for tardiness!). Lots of pics of the garden on its webpage.

George’s Garden

As you round the corner heading out of the recycling center, there it is………George’s Garden. Instead of the burn pit, piles of brush, cement dividers, recycling containers, and boney gravel, there is the little corner of serene green overlooking Whitcomb’s Pond.

In spring of 2011, the Watkins family asked that donations be made to the Town of Walpole George Watkins Memorial Recycling Fund. Working together, Paul Colburn, head of the recycling department, Fritze Till and the rest of the WRAP Committee won approval from the Selectmen to build a garden dedicated in George Watkins’s memory.

Once the WRAP committee accepted the task of building the memorial garden, many hands and minds set to work. Fritze Till was the master gardener in charge of plant selection and garden design. Under her caring and wise direction, the garden now has a beautiful and varied selection of trees, shrubs, perennials and ground covers. In combination, the flora now provide a season-long show of gorgeous flowers and foliages.

Fritze’s many helpers included numerous recycling volunteers, friends and garden lovers. The center boulder was donated and delivered by Cold River Materials. Workers from the Recycling Department delivered, moved and removed goodly amounts of mulch, compost and not-so-good topsoil.

Should you be of a mind to sit down for a bit to enjoy the lush scenery or the water fowl on the cool waters of the pond, there are three benches built by Bob Grenier. George Watkins and his wife, both of whom were devoted to gardening, would be more than quietly pleased to rest for a moment in this tranquil nook, nestled in the far corner of the Recycling Center.

The Recycling Center itself was set into motion in January of 1988, when George Watkins, William Beer and Roger Weil began the planning process for the Walpole Recycling Action Program, otherwise known as WRAP. In the early days, volunteers worked four hour shifts in the freezing cold and boiling heat. Equipment consisted of a glass crusher, a plastic granulator, a used railroad boxcar and a donated mobile trailer for the Re-Use It Center. The original budget to get things rolling was $11,000, approved at Town Meeting.

George stayed with the Recycling Center from 1988 to 2011, serving as its chairman that entire time. In 2010, George was honored with the Volunteer Recycler of the Year Award by the NRRA, The Northeast Regional Resource Association.

In fact, Walpole’s recycling program has earned a number of awards. In 1999, Walpole was awarded the Best Municipal Recycling Program from the NRRA. In 2012, the Town of Walpole won the award for Greatest Number of Programs Used Through the NRRA for a town with a a population of 1,000 – 5,000. This year the Town of Walpole again won the Award for the Greatest Number of Programs Used Through the NRRA. Also this year, Paul Colburn won the Environmental Stewardship Award from New Hampshire the Beautiful. Congratulations and thank you to George, Paul, Fritze and all the other volunteers who have made both the Walpole Recycling Program and the Recycling Center into model, award winning items.


Joe Beer

WRAP Report

This in from Dodie Ransom:

On September 3rd the WRAP committee held a special meeting  concerning  the closure of the Wheelabrator  incinerator
in Claremont which took our solid waste. After much research by  Paul Colburn  and guidance of  the NRRA we chose
George Naughton  of Branford, NH for two reasons -the best  “bang for the buck”and to keep our footprint as small as

Watkins Memorial Garden 08/31/13The George Watkins Memorial  Garden is 90% complete. Two rock entry posts, courtesy of Cold River Materials, who
donated and delivered the big rock, should be in place by the time you read this. Our thanks to Fritze Till, a longstanding
WRAP committee member who designed the garden with spectacular native plants and paths. To Rob Grenier who
designed and built the beautiful benches. To the staff at the Center -Paul Colburn, Greg Given, Paul Clark  and
Tom Fitzgerald who provided the muscles and Bobcat work without which would have been impossible. Also
Tom Firzgerald’s son Connor who drove  to Maine  to pick up the plants at Fedco and delivered them. Last but not
least to the finishers who came with their shovels and trowels- Phoebe Reynolds, Mary and Dick Holmes, Sharon
Tiullar, Carolyn Nordbeck, Inga Green and Barbara Plumley.

All of the expenses  were covered by people like you  that donated to the George Watkin’s Memorial Fund. It
is a lovely garden of which George and Betty  would be proud as should we all. Come, do your recycling, bring
a picnic lunch and enjoy the view and the geese on the pond before they leave.

The WRAP committee is devastated to be loosing our steadfast pal Carol Christian. She and Roger are following
John Soule’s 1851 order “go west, young man”but they were smart to postpone it to 2013.Carol moved to
Walpole in 1995 and hit the ground running. She invested literally thousands of hours of volunteer work for
WRAP, the Library and the Historical Society.. She received the Grange Citizen of  the Year Award in 2011.
On joining WRAP in 1998 , she volunteered on  the line at the Center, made posters, wrote many articles for
our monthly column, traffic counting, organizing open houses, gardening. the drawing and notifying our free
lunch recipients each month and various field trips with WRAP members to outlying recycling facilities to
keep us on our toes. She was always there with her formidable organizational skills and sense of humor.

Carol mentioned at one point that she was not pleased at all with the recycling efforts in the area they are
moving. Should we warn them that a “force is coming” or just let them be blindsided? I prefer the later!
God Speed,Carol and Roger with many thanks. You will be sorely missed.

See you recycling.                                                           Dodie Ransome