Staff and Volunteers

While the Walpole Recycling Center has a dedicated paid professional staff, it is dependent on extensive help from a large number of devoted volunteers.

The WRAP (Walpole Recycling Action Project) Committee is a group of volunteers appointed by the Select Board to advise both the Board itself and the Recycling Center staff on matters related to recycling and solid waste. The WRAP Committee also represents and motivates the many volunteers who help keep the Recycling Center functioning. The Committee meets the third Thursday of every month at the Town Hall at 3 pm o’clock. Meetings usually last about an hour or an hour and a half, and the public is encourage to attend. Dodie Ransome chairs the Committee.

the WRAP committee

The WRAP Committee.
Back row left to right: Roger Weil, Paul Colburn, Dave Adams.
Front: Carol Christian, Ed Jennison, Fritze Till, Dodie Ransome.

Recycling Center volunteers help with collections at the various recycling stations, staffing of the Reuse Center, writing articles about recycling and solid waste for WRAP’s occasional column published in the River Record, and maintaining the Center’s website. Volunteers are always needed for all these tasks. Maggie Kyle helps Paul coordinate volunteers. If you can consider volunteering for a couple hours a month (or more or less), drop Paul and Maggie an email, fill out this form and mail it in or take it to the Center, or give Paul a call at (603) 445-5197.

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